• Geppetto Royale

    This elegant wooden watch is the perfect combination of zebra wood from Africa, beige dial color and golden elements. It is ideal choice for every modern woman, just like for every man that wants to shine during formal occasion.

    1.189,00 kn 832,30 kn (159,00 €)
  • Geppetto Ocean

    Unique combination of zebrawood and navy blue dial is ideal choice for men and women who want to highlight their original style.

    1.189,00 kn 832,30 kn (159,00 €)
  • Geppetto Rebel

    Grey dial color with black dial elements combined with dark ebonywood is a great choice for all those who like sports and rebellious style.

    1.189,00 kn 832,30 kn (159,00 €)
  • Geppetto Terra

    Geppetto Terra is, as we like to call it, simply a “brown watch” what makes it special in every way. It goes well combined with any brown, green or grey piece of clothes, shoes or belts.

    1.189,00 kn 832,30 kn (159,00 €)
  • Geppetto Nocturno

    Nocturno is an attractive model from Original collection of Geppetto wooden watches made of dark ebony wood from Africa. This wood in combination with black dial and golden dial elements is unique and it will leave everyone speechless at first sight.

    1.189,00 kn 832,30 kn (159,00 €)
  • Geppetto Ruby

    Ruby is the unique model from Original Geppetto collection. It is made of rosewood in combination with pink dial and golden dial elements. It is ideal choice for all modern women who have unique fashion style.

    1.189,00 kn 832,30 kn (159,00 €)